We are committed to fulfilling our responsibility towards the environment and society. Sustainable investments are also driven by risk and return considerations.

We care about sustainability

As a responsible company, we have adopted a comprehensive sustainability approach. We make sure that we keep our financial promises and provide the contracted benefits. Our investment decisions reflect the internationally recognised ESG (environment, social und governance) sustainability criteria.

This is how we deliver sustainable investments:

  • We follow the recommendations of the Swiss Association for Responsible Investments (SVVK-ASIR).

  • We comply with the Ottawa and Oslo Conventions on the prohibition of the development, production, stockpiling and distribution of anti-personnel mines, cluster munitions and nuclear weapons

  • In the emerging market equities segment, we do not invest in securities issued by manufacturers of controversial weapons.

  • In the foreign equities segment, we follow an ESG benchmark (MSCI World ex Switzerland ESG Universal) which incorporates sustainability criteria.

We perceive sustainable investment as an ongoing long-term process and review our sustainability efforts on a regular basis.