Independence makes for better pension solutions

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One of the key factors behind the success of the GEMINI Collective Foundation is its independence. In this interview, Managing Director Bruno Marroni explains how this benefits you as a client.

Some collective foundations are part of banks and insurance companies, while others are independent, such as GEMINI. What is the main advantage of independence for your clients? 

GEMINI is not tied to other companies. We are free to choose our partners and can work with the best in the respective fields. Our clients can rely on us to provide excellent pension solutions at attractive terms and conditions. On top of this, we are not required to distribute any profit to shareholders. GEMINI keeps the generated income in the foundation for the benefit of the affiliated employee benefits units. 

A key issue for any collective foundation is the investment of assets. How does independence matter in this respect? 

According to our investment process, the Foundation Board defines the investment strategies and the Investment Committee implements them. The Investment Committee consists of independent investment specialists with a high level of competence and experience. The Foundation Board and the Investment Committee jointly select the asset managers for the individual asset classes. Our selection criteria are based on the best-in-class principle, which focuses on outstanding track records. Our goal is to achieve above-average performance of the investments. Asset managers are evaluated on a regular basis and replaced in the event of unsatisfactory results. 

How does GEMINI ensure adherence to the stated processes and allocation of tasks? 

Our regulations provide for strict organisational separation of decision-making and execution. In this way, we avoid any conflicts of interest and safeguard the independence of the various bodies. This means that our clients can trust GEMINI to always act in their best interests. 

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