GEMINI Collective Foundation

The GEMINI Collective Foundation offers companies tailor-made retirement benefit solutions – for basic and executive plans.

Two retirement benefit solutions

The GEMINI Collective Foundation offers solutions for both basic plans and classic executive plans. The two solutions can be chosen independently of each other. GEMINI will set up an independent employee benefits unit for each solution.

Our retirement benefit solutions are tailored to each client’s specific needs and go well beyond the scope of the BVG. The wide range of options available to each company allows them to work consistently towards their performance goals.

Your needs are at the heart of everything we do.

  • Scope of services: Services can be swiftly adapted to new circumstances.

  • Flexibility: You define the benefits offered by your employee benefits unit and how they are financed. On top of this, you also determine the investment and interest rate parameters.

  • Administration: You can conveniently manage your employee benefits scheme online. Anytime, anywhere. This way you can keep track of everything and are always up to date.

The GEMINI Collective Foundation manages our employee benefits unit with great professionalism, diligence, efficiency and integrity. The quality of service is excellent.
Peter Wullschleger
Head of Finance and Human Resources Stiftung Juventus Schulen

What distinguishes our retirement benefit solutions

Your employee benefits unit

GEMINI manages your employee benefits unit like an autonomous pension fund. We prepare annual accounts, comprising a balance sheet and income statement, as well as an individual calculation of the coverage ratio for your employee benefits unit.

Four investment strategies (pools)

Companies have a choice between four different investment strategies (pools) with different equity quotas. Common to all strategies are our low costs. Investment strategies can be changed twice a year.

Individual investment strategy

GEMINI offers clients with investment volumes of CHF 10 million or above the option to pursue their own investment strategy.

Sustainable investments

We make sure that the investment process complies with ESG criteria and actively exercise shareholder voting rights.

Personal customer service

Assisted by specialists in all aspects relating to employee benefits, GEMINI offers you personal advice and support. Our customer services are tiered and specifically tailored to HR departments, pension fund committees, members and brokers.

More options thanks to four investment pools

With Gemini, you can mix and match your strategy across four investment pools according to your company’s needs.

Your contact

Alain Grand
Alain Grand
Head of Sales
Tel. +41 58 585 13 50